Total Wine Sponsors Grape Encounters

Grape Encounters Radio, the leading nationwide wine-radio and podcasting network, proudly announces the beginning of a sponsorship agreement with the nation’s largest retailer of fine wine, Total Wine & More. David Wilson, creator and CEO of Grape Encounter Radio announced this agreement from his studios in the middle of the California Central Coast Wine Country. Beginning this month, Total Wine & More will team up with Grape Encounters and its other affiliated programs as the...

“Wine Lover’s Remorse” Be Gone!

I’d like to share with you 8 things that have the potential to significantly improve your wine drinking experience and that of your wine-drinking guests.  I’m sharing this information because it happens to the best of us…  Let’s call it: “WINE LOVER’S REMORSE.” It’s when pricey bottles of wine purchased at the winery just don’t seem as exciting as they were when you were standing in the tasting room talking about terroir, vintages and varietals....

Yes! It’s OK to Tinker with Your Wine!

By David Wilson Nearly two decades ago, I had a life-changing wine experience. I was on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean with a group travelers who were enjoying an incentive trip hosted by an LA radio station.  Several members of our group were partying around the pool on a picture-perfect night.  Most of us were drinking wine and, because it was a middle-of-the-road resort, the wines were marginal at best.  After all,...

That Wine Whiff is Worthless!

The server opens the bottle and hands the cork to someone at the table.  The recipient sniffs the cork and gives a tumbs up!  How to look silly without really trying, after this! It’s kind of like what you might do if you were suddenly face to face with the Pope… Do you bow?  Curtsey? Oh, I know, kiss his ring.  It’s fun to observe someone who has just been handed a cork that’s been...

Wine Metaphors Gone Terribly Wrong!

A metaphor is defined as a figure of speech in which an expression is used to refer to something that it does not literally denote in order to suggest a similarity. I love metaphors and spit them out much the way Linda Blair spewed pea soup in the Exorcist.  In my book, a metaphor is great when it helps you to understand what something is like by comparing it to something completely different.  Here are...

Definitely Worth a Second Listen! To celebrate 4th of July Weekend, David wanted to feature a couple interviews that took place days before and a few weeks into the Covid-19 pandemic. These interviews were particularly special because they illustrate just how quickly the crisis evolved but also the creativity of
Kristy Charles and her family co-founded Foursight Wines in 2006 and the Covid-19 crisis has helped fire up something that this family is particularly good at; evolving and reinventing as necessary. While there is no shortage of wineries doing what we now affectionately call “Virtual Tastings,” Kristy and her family
With a host of critical national and international issues dominating every news cycle, it can be hard, if not impossible to live life the way we did not so long ago. From Covid-19 to daunting civil rights challenges that are the focus of a historically contentious election, these are serious
If there’s one thing you probably should know about Grape Encounters host David Wilson, it’s this:  Even though the show is largely about how to have fun with wine, David is highly sensitive to the abuse of wine, alcohol, or anything else like that. It has to be consumed responsibly,
Hey wine enthusiasts! There is a very big holiday that is coming up and it would be a shame if it isn’t on your calendar, because it is a whopper in the wine business, it is National Rosé Day. What, you didn’t know there was a National Rosé Day? Then,
Now going into a third month of shelter in place with Grape Encounters Radio, host David Wilson is honored to spend some quality time, albeit in confinement, with two extraordinary icons of the wine industry… Judd Wallenbrock, CEO of CK Mondavi & Family (parent company to Charles Krug), and Peter
This week, David decided he wanted to get out and travel a good distance, even if it is digitally. Today, he’s taking you all the way to Italy to talk about a really interesting project that is really reigniting a long-lost era of Italian winemaking. Joining David for the first
Well, it’s now been 10 weeks of isolation and David is very proud of himself for doing all sorts of things that he generally doesn’t like doing, but he’s actually having a good time all the same. David says his house has never been cleaner nor has his laundry been