Episode #538 – The Intersection of Wine, Art and Music

The last time David had Spencer on Grape Encounters, the conversation was largely about a new project he is overseeing as COO of Wines That Rock, a very unique New York based company that creates very special wines that pay tribute to music, film and pop culture. The company’s latest project includes Star Trek themed wines that are being released in conjunction to the latest Star Trek installment that centers around Captain Picard in the days after his retirement from Star Fleet. But as interesting as that story is, Spencer career also includes sculpture, music production and performance as a world-class pianist.

Episode #537 – The Good News and Bad News From Wine Country This Fall

Whenever Host David Wilson wants information about absolutely anything having to do with wine, the wine industry or wine country, there are about four or five people he turns to. One of his absolute favorites is the Sommelier to the Stars, Christopher Sawyer. Almost every conversation with Christopher is a riot. There are some exceptions, including the first part of this discussion which centers on the horrifying fire that recently tore it’s way through Sonoma County… the place that Christopher calls home.

If there’s any silver lining, it’s the fact that, despite this fire’s enormous footprint, there was no loss of life and far fewer structural losses than the massive number of homes and buildings leveled by the haunting fire that devastated the same region just two years ago. There is additional good news with regard to crops damaged by smoke taint.

Episode #534 – Biodynamic and Built From Hemp in the South of France

Chateau Maris in the South of France really has a story to tell… and who better to tell it than co-owner Robert Eden.  Most wine enthusiasts are probably familiar with biodynamic grape growing and wine making.  However, Chateau Maris definitely takes this art to a higher level.  There is probably no one who does a better job of explaining biodynamics than Robert Eden, and he takes this very remarkable wine producing art to heights you might not ever imagine. But that’s just a small part of the story.  Consider this… Robert was so determined to build a facility that was one with the land that he constructed what he calls a “vegetable winery.”  Believe it or not, Chateau Maris is built entirely of bricks made from hemp.  Hear the whole amazing story on this installment of Grape Encounters.

Also on this episode, we delve a little further into the growing commonalities between wine and whiskey making.  More than ever before, there are some common denominators that might really surprise you.  It’s a lot to absorb, and just in time for Total Wine and More’s Whiskey on the Rocks event in Las Vegas.  Learn a thing or two about the collaboration between whiskey and wine makers on this episode of Grape Encounters Radio!

Episode #532 – Changing Into Your Fall Wine Wardrobe With Master Somm Catherine Fallis

She was the 5th woman to earn the title Master Sommelier and she has earned a lot more titles, honors and certifications than that in her extensive wine career. Catherine is the proprietor of Planet Grape, LLC, a wine consulting firm providing content, reviews, corporate & private tastings, restaurant wine program development, and speaking services. She created her alter-ego, Grape Goddess, to help bring wine down to earth for consumers as well as those entering the wine industry. She is one of a handful of female professional sabreurs in the world, opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword in a dazzling theatrical performance. Catherine was recently inducted into Les Dames d’Escoffier and is a Board Member of The American Institute of Wine & Food.

Her diverse wine background as a salesperson, sommelier, distributor, and supplier helped Catherine become the well-rounded and thorough expert she is today. She understands all facets of the wine business, and is a frequent speaker, event host, educator, and consultant for corporations, consumers and the wine trade. She is a highly sought after wine expert and spokesperson for the wine industry.

On today’s episode of Grape Encounters, Catherine tackles a couple of very important topics. First, for those who desire to become a certified wine expert, there are many routes that can be taken. Catherine helps listeners sort out the differences and offers expert advise on which direction to go.

Next on to today’s main subject. As the seasons change, so do our desires for different wines. In the same way that we change our wardrobe throughout the year, we also pay closer attention to wines that suit the season. David and Catherine take a deep dive into this subject and much more!