Episode #367 – Smokin’ Wine Country – The Sobranes Fire in Monterey County

David talks with Kim Stemler, Executive Director, Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association, about the Sobranes fire burning in the wild country between Big Sur and the Monterey wine growing areas, affecting the Carmel Valley AVA. Even if the 47,000 acre fire doesn’t reach the vineyards, the smoke taint could ruin the entire grape crop in the area. Find out more about Monterey Wine Country at www.montereywines.org/.

Kim Stemler, Executive Director, Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association

Kim Stemler, Executive Director, Monterey County Vintners & Growers Association

The good news is, everyone seems to be optimistic that, despite the magnitude of the fire, the fact that Monterey has a very late growing season and the grapes are a long way from ripening, the odds of too much damage seem to be slim. We will all take a deep breath and cross our fingers. Now since Grape Encounters never likes to leave any wine conversation on a sour note, the exchange between Kim and David soon wanders into the wonders of magnificent Monterey wines, including some of Dave’s Faves!

Your host is a big fan of wines from this world-class region and list 4 or 5 compelling reasons why you ought to put your worries about the fire aside and start planning a trip to Monterey. You do know the way to Monterey? Oh, drat, that’s San Jose!

Then on Sipping with Sara, David & Sara talk about 2-Buck Chuck and that it’s ok if you like inexpensive wine. More importantly, it is just plain wrong to try to steer friends to more costly wines just because they are classier!

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