Episode #569 – SOBAR: The Science of Sobriety and a New Product to Take on Alcohol Absorption

If there’s one thing you probably should know about Grape Encounters host David Wilson, it’s this:  Even though the show is largely about how to have fun with wine, David is highly sensitive to the abuse of wine, alcohol, or anything else like that. It has to be consumed responsibly, which is why he never talks about wild parties that he’s been to because that’s not something he’s keen on glorifying.  With wine enjoyment comes

Episode #568 – A Virtually Incomparable Rose Day with Jon McDaniel

Hey wine enthusiasts! There is a very big holiday that is coming up and it would be a shame if it isn’t on your calendar, because it is a whopper in the wine business, it is National Rosé Day. What, you didn’t know there was a National Rosé Day? Then, we’ve got lots to talk about where Rosé is concerned, because it is one of the most misunderstood categories of wine. To help untangle the

Episode #566 – A Huge Step Forward in Sonoma and a Huge Step Back in Italy!

This week, David decided he wanted to get out and travel a good distance, even if it is digitally. Today, he’s taking you all the way to Italy to talk about a really interesting project that is really reigniting a long-lost era of Italian winemaking. Joining David for the first half of today’s show is Piero Pavone, founder of Vinum Hadrianum, a winery on the eastern central coast of Italy that is breathing new life

Episode #565 – Cooking, Vacation Planning and Experiencing the Napa Valley Virtually… From Home!

Well, it’s now been 10 weeks of isolation and David is very proud of himself for doing all sorts of things that he generally doesn’t like doing, but he’s actually having a good time all the same. David says his house has never been cleaner nor has his laundry been this caught up. But among his most important achievements has been spending quality time in the kitchen and doing marvelous things with his Sous Vide

Episode #564 – The Mondavi Light Shines Bright at the Napa Valley’s Oldest Winery

Now going into a third month of shelter in place with Grape Encounters Radio, host David Wilson is honored to spend some quality time, albeit in confinement, with two extraordinary icons of the wine industry… Judd Wallenbrock, CEO of CK Mondavi & Family (parent company to Charles Krug), and Peter Mondavi Jr., Co-Proprietor of Charles Krug. This edition of Grape Encounters offers a very intimate look into the oldest winery in the Napa Valley—founded by

Episode #563 – How COVID-19 is forcing Boutique Winemakers to Sink or Swim

Featuring Imagine Wine and Lando Wines What’s that old saying? “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!” Sometimes you want to laugh. Sometimes you want to cry. But at all times, you want to survive. America’s boutique winemakers could never have imagined where just a short three -month journey would wind up taking them. It’s sink or swim for small producers. Thank goodness winemakers are a hearty and inventive

Episode #562 – What Happens When Winery Weddings and Wine Tastings Get Walloped by the Corona Conundrum?

Trying to live fairly normal lives in a world where almost nothing is normal has not only changed a lot of important plans, but also fueled some mighty creative reinvention of some of our favorite things. First, a deep dive into a craze wine enthusiasts probably didn’t expect… the virtual wine tasting! How does it all work and where do you get hooked up? Show announcer, tasting room host and winemaker Brent Keast joins David

Episode #561 – What Hops, Quacks and Pairs Perfectly With Fermented Grapes?

Two Women-Owned Wineries That Go Beyond! Here’s an unusual theme for our show: Women-owned-and-operated wineries in two different states that produce additional products unrelated to grapes! Intrigued? Good. This week’s show begins on the high plains of Sonoita, Arizona, where Arizona Hops and Vines not only produces, well, hops and wines, but also puts on some very intriguing events throughout the year. Meet Shannon Austin who, along with her sister Megan, have tamed the Arizona