Episode #563 – How COVID-19 is forcing Boutique Winemakers to Sink or Swim

Featuring Imagine Wine and Lando Wines What’s that old saying? “If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!” Sometimes you want to laugh. Sometimes you want to cry. But at all times, you want to survive. America’s boutique winemakers could never have imagined where just a short three -month journey would wind up taking them. It’s sink or swim for small producers. Thank goodness winemakers are a hearty and inventive

Episode #562 – What Happens When Winery Weddings and Wine Tastings Get Walloped by the Corona Conundrum?

Trying to live fairly normal lives in a world where almost nothing is normal has not only changed a lot of important plans, but also fueled some mighty creative reinvention of some of our favorite things. First, a deep dive into a craze wine enthusiasts probably didn’t expect… the virtual wine tasting! How does it all work and where do you get hooked up? Show announcer, tasting room host and winemaker Brent Keast joins David

Episode #561 – What Hops, Quacks and Pairs Perfectly With Fermented Grapes?

Two Women-Owned Wineries That Go Beyond! Here’s an unusual theme for our show: Women-owned-and-operated wineries in two different states that produce additional products unrelated to grapes! Intrigued? Good. This week’s show begins on the high plains of Sonoita, Arizona, where Arizona Hops and Vines not only produces, well, hops and wines, but also puts on some very intriguing events throughout the year. Meet Shannon Austin who, along with her sister Megan, have tamed the Arizona

Episode #560 – Why Lament Together When We Can Ferment Together? The National Honey Wine Project!

I’ve always contended that wine can be a great creative catalyst so that’s what we’ll be doing with all of our time for the next several weeks. As a matter of fact, as we navigate our way through this very difficult episode of human history now, on the show today we’ll be taking on what I hope to be a very fun project together. In fact, we’re all going to be making wine together in

Episode #559 – A Renowned Chef. A Beloved Winemaker. Two Stories About Innovating Beyond the Quarantine’s Confines

These days, a “Grape Encounter” is far different than what it used to be. Until “Shelter in Place” became the new normal, a Grape Encounter usually occurred face-to-face. Unfortunately, in today’s socially-distanced world, the way we enjoy wine has changed radically overnight. The good news is, while a lot of people may be content to just stay home and catch up on any number of Netflix serials or movies, there are plenty of people out

Episode #558 – Creative Wine Enjoyment While Sheltering in Place

This is a very unusual episode of Grape Encounters Radio. There are no guests on today’s show. There’s not much fancy production work that normally enhances the program. It’s just your host, David Wilson, broadcasting from the Grape Encounters studio, 100% alone. Nonetheless, David covers a lot of ground as he talks about how to creatively enjoy wine while you’re sheltering at home. What does that really mean? Well, the order to shelter at home

Episode #557 – The Economics of Wine, Sustainability in Place, Plus a Honey of a Surprise!

Every year, we look forward to showcasing all of the amazing things that take place during California Wine Month (AKA April to those not in the know)! Needless to say, hundreds of events that took months and months to plan were largely cancelled. Some were transformed into virtual events and others were reimagined as no-contact opportunities to save on amazing wines throughout the state. Nancy Light, VPThe Wine Institute On today’s show, Nancy Light, VP

Episode #555 – HOME SWEET HOME! Grape Encounters Returns to its Roots!

This week’s guest on Grape Encounters is the head of judging and one of the driving forces behind the Pacific Rim Wine Competition; Spreti Valenti. Spreti is a certified sommelier, wine buyer and consultant. As a professional wine judge, she has served for numerous, prestigious wine competitions in the U.S. and Europe (San Francisco Chronicle, LA International, Sunset Magazine Wine Competition, International Women’s Wine Competition, Sonoma Harvest, and New Orleans Wine Awards – In Europe: