Episode #554 – Jancis Robinson: The Reigning Queen of Wine Meets the Often-Irreverent Wine Maverick!

Host David Wilson says of this week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio: “This is one of those days when I wish I had all the time in the world to spend with you and our very special guest, but alas, our time is limited, so I have to dive into this discussion very quickly and we’ll only be able to explore the tip of the iceberg.” If you ask anyone in the wine world who

Episode 553 – Meet the Renaissance Man of Wine, Music and Art!

If there’s one thing you’ll quickly discover about anyone that’s in the wine business, it’s that wine is not the only way that they express their creativity. That’s the central focus of this week’s show! The last time David had Spencer Brewer on Grape Encounters, the conversation was largely about a new project he is overseeing as COO of Wines That Rock, a very unique New York based company that creates very special wines that

Episode #552 – Wine and Food Pairing is for Real People, Not Just an Elite Class!

All over the world, there are literally countless wine and food pairing events going on every single day. More often than not, it’s the best of the best wines paired with culinary creations that few of us will actually get to enjoy more than perhaps once or twice a year, if that. It’s been a long-standing belief of host David Wilson that pairing food and wine can be a beautiful thing, but it need not

Episode #551 – Where Will All That Grape Juice Go? Are We Facing a Glut?

It really can be very difficult, if not impossible to predict just how bountiful a particular vintage is likely to be this early in the year, but Host David Wilson likes to think he has his finger on the pulse and is looking at a few subtle clues to help him make a long-shot prediction for the 2020 vintage. One thing is certain; the past decade has produced more than its fair share of bumper

Episode #550 – If Your Dream is Owning a Winery or Vineyard, You’re in Good Company!

On this installment of Grape Encounters, David will be talking about something that has been on his “to-do” list for a super long time. Over the years, Grape Encounters has done a number of shows for listeners who may be interested in making their own wine; how you go about doing it without planting any grapes or building a winery. To be sure, many people do get into the business by jumping in head-first. Perhaps

Episode #549 – A Georgetown Rendezvous With the Best of Bordeaux!

Plus, the Remarkable Connection Between Football and Wine! Host David Wilson has a great big soft spot in his heart for the winemakers of Bordeaux, France. He says it’s mostly because much of the wine-loving world just assumes that, with all the prestige attached to the Bordeaux label, you might expect it to be a stuffy place, steeped in pretentiousness. Well, not so fast! Bordeaux is actually an incredibly welcoming place where you can meet

Episode #548 – Is Social Media Causing Pretentiousness to Skyrocket?

Plus, some “just for fun” wine wisdom that isn’t snobbery! Show Announcer, wine enthusiast and award-winning winemaker, Brent Keast joins David in a discussion of social media as it relates to wine. David says that over the holidays, he had some spare time to spend on Facebook, Instagram and other places where wine fans tend to congregate in the digital world. Unfortunately, David also says that after hours and hours of taking a look at

Episode #547 – 100% Tariffs on French Wine Could Pummel the World Wine Industry like a Meteorite

Stories concerning what some say is an eminent 100% tariff on imported wines have been dominating a large swath of newsprint and digital news acreage virtually every day for months now and for those who truly enjoy the finer things in life, this news has been especially disconcerting. As unimaginable as it might have seemed a few years ago, tariffs of 100% and even more on wines from France and other parts of the EU