“Wine Lover’s Remorse” Be Gone!

I’d like to share with you 8 things that have the potential to significantly improve your wine drinking experience and that of your wine-drinking guests.  I’m sharing this information because it happens to the best of us…  Let’s call it: “WINE LOVER’S REMORSE.” It’s when pricey bottles of wine purchased

Yes! It’s OK to Tinker with Your Wine!

By David Wilson Nearly two decades ago, I had a life-changing wine experience. I was on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean with a group travelers who were enjoying an incentive trip hosted by an LA radio station.  Several members of our group were partying around the pool

That Wine Whiff is Worthless!

The server opens the bottle and hands the cork to someone at the table.  The recipient sniffs the cork and gives a tumbs up!  How to look silly without really trying, after this! It’s kind of like what you might do if you were suddenly face to face with the

LaZarre WInes

Episode #472 – Winemaker Adam LaZarre

David talks with Winemaker Adam LaZarre, who has a long and storied career in the wine industry. His accomplishments are too many to mention, but in addition to the wines he has made for many large brands (Rex Goliath, Cycles Gladiator, Hahn Estates, he and his wife Angie have been

Raising the Steaks

Steak and wine have been linked together, forever. Just as a glass of wine is part of any important occasion, so, too, is a flavorful slab of rib-eye, sirloin or tenderloin. But over the past few years, a tantalizing twist has added to this mix, and the idea is spreading.

Wine and Politics

Wine and Politics. Now, there’s a Tasty Nexus that goes right back to our pre-historic Solar Plexus. The earliest known example of wine production dates back 8,000 years to Georgia, in Europe. Since that was the Stone Age, we’re not sure exactly who decided to grow those grapes, but would