Is a hundred dollar bottle of wine really better than a five dollar bottle of wine? Maybe, but thinking your wine cost a hundred dollars can make you enjoy it more. So, if you want to make sure your in-laws love the wine, tell them it was expensive. Research from the California Institute of Technology

Aphrodisiac Wine and Food Can Put You in a Frisky Mood! Be a Voyeur to Learn More!

A very sexy edition of Grape Encounters Radio! Learn all about the aphrodisiac some wines and food from the very exciting Amy Reiley, co-author of THE LOVE DIET COOKBOOK. Amy sizzles in this episode. Later in the show we have a very spirited debate on whether screwcaps screw up the romance of an otherwise amazing wine. Dubbed “the world’s handsomest blogger,” Clive Pursehouse pleads his case convincingly on this very special edition of Grape Encounters Radio!

Thanks to Some Recently Discovered Superstars

I’m going to spend the long weekend in the Santa Ynez Valley where I hope to get a very special group of perfect strangers together to talk about possibilities.  And yes, these strangers are perfect.  Frankly, I am awed by the incredible people that have wandered into my life recently… Shelly, Brian, John, Wes, Keith,

Episode 42 – “The Bitter Aftertaste of Wine Metaphors” is Online!

Hey Grape Encounters fans! This week’s episode is on the web and on iTunes Music Store, and you are going to love it!

This week, David takes issue with wine descriptions that leave consumers scratching their heads in bewilderment. So he brings renowned winemaker and wine judge Wes Hagen in to translate the verbosity of some of these absolutely silly wine descriptions. Plus, Wes lets listeners know what amazing cellar-stocking deals are going on right now.