Episode #272 – Improving Your Wine Love Life

Fritz Westover, Viticulturist

Fritz Westover, Viticulturist

A die-hard romantic, Grape Encounters Host David Wilson believes there’s a perfect mate out there for everyone. He also believes there’s a perfect wine out there for everyone; even for those who say they don’t like wine. Determined to give listeners meaningful advice to improve their wine love life, David enlists the assistance of three trusted colleagues.

First, thought-provoking Vinologist Fritz Westover of the Vineyard Team joins David in a discussion about place. More specifically, about the importance of learning how wine country regions imprint very distinct characteristics on the grapes grown there and how big of a difference there is between wines of the same varietal, grown in different locales. The discussion eventually turns to the topic of lesser know varietals that are thriving in regions not well known for growing world class grapes… and Fritz, who has consulted all over the world, gives listeners some suggestions of must-try wines.Wine bottle on a wooden table

In romance, when a relationship isn’t working out the way one partner hoped it would, there is often the urge to change and improve your mate. If there is a parallel between romance between partners and our romance with wine, could it be possible to change the wines that don’t live up to expectations in meaningful ways. David and Sunset Magazine Wine Editor tackle that question and their conclusions may have you tinkering with your wine even though you once thought the notion is taboo.

Sarah Schneider pic

Sara Schneider

Finally, renowned wine guru Wilfred Wong, Chief Storyteller for Wine.com, floats a very COLD suggestion that could also make you feel better about what’s in your glass.

Wilfred Wong

Wilfred Wong

If it all sounds very confusing, it won’t be an hour from now. All you have to do is give a listen!

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