Episode #326 -New Coravin Pours on the Innovation

They say that necessity is the mother of invention. Well, my first guest is to wine drinkers what Edison was to people who didn’t like being left in the dark. Greg Lambrecht is responsible for the most significant contribution to wine collecting, fine wine consumption and wine preservation in decades, and perhaps ever.

Greg Lambrecht, Inventor of the Coravin Wine Access System

Greg Lambrecht, Inventor of the Coravin Wine Access System

Greg’s invention, the Coravin Wine Access System, has revolutionized wine enjoyment in remarkable ways by making it possible to remove any amount of wine you wish from a sealed bottle without so much as removing the foil and without jeopardizing the life of the wine that remains behind the cork seal. How does one accomplish such a feat? Well, leave it to a medical instruments innovator to find a non-invasive way to get into a bottle with unparalled ingenuity.

The first Coravin hit the market a couple of years ago and its release was praised by everyone and anyone who has a reason to get into a bottle of wine but doesn’t want to consume it all in one sitting. And, after a couple of years of unbridled success, a new version of the Coravin has just been released and I have put it through its paces in a very big way. My impression? This latest release is kind of like a major operating system upgrade… without the bugs.

So joining us now from Coravin Inc. headquarters in Burlington Mass, is the inventor himself, Greg Lambrecht, to shed plenty of light on how this breakthrough invention is allowing us to enjoy wine in a completely new light… which metaphorically speaking, makes him kind of the Thomas Edison of wine drinking.

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