Episode #542 – (Wine) Cocktails Anyone? Cool Concoctions From the Wine Institute!

This is a time when we are all absolutely immersed in the holiday season. We have a little bit of it behind us and a whole lot more in front of us. This is probably the biggest time when it comes to wine and wine sales because everybody’s out buying wine for gifts. They’re buying wine for parties and family celebrations, but sometimes you just want to mix it up a little bit and when we say mix it up, that even includes mixing our fruit of the vine with something else. So, speaking of something else, one of David’s favorite guests who comes on from time to time, not nearly enough, is Nancy Light. She’s the VP at the Wine Institute, which is an incredibly powerful and effective organization–really an advocacy group–for the California wine industry, but they do so much good for wine all over the world. On this episode of Grape Encounters, Nancy joins us to lighten up things with wine cocktails. When David saw a new publication from the Wine Institute, he says he freaked out! “The minute I saw this, like I just freaked out. I was so crazy because it is so up my alley and anybody that’s been listening to Grape Encounters for any length of time knows that I love to tinker with wine. And there are a lot of people that think wine is sacred and you can’t mess with it and you just gotta drink it the way the winemaker made it and that’s it. But you guys come along with a wine cocktail ebook for the holidays.”

Listen to the show to learn where you can download a copy of this awesome Wine Cocktail E-Book!

Nancy says, “So I just want to address this idea of messing with wine. Here’s where we come out on it. We know you want to have your terrific wine, you love your wine, you want your glass of wine, you’re going to have your wine with dinner, you’re going to serve wine at your parties. But we all want to have something special. Often if it’s a dinner, and when people walk in, you want to have craft cocktails. That’s been a movement for a long time and there is no reason in the world that wine should not be a part of that, right? You’re making these cocktails, you’re using the best ingredients and wine is just perfect.”

And so the discussion begins… It turns out that wine isn’t as sacred as we might have believed… and even a heavyweight from the esteemed Wine Institute is quick to embrace taking wine well beyond it’s traditional role. It’s a great addition to any holiday festivities and we’ve got several awesome recipes ready for you to enjoy!

That’s only half of today’s Grape Encounters. After his visit with Nancy Light, David shares some very personal thoughts on two additional topics that you’ll want to stay tuned for! We won’t be spoilers here. Listen in and enjoy this holiday episode of Grape Encounters Radio!

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