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  • May 23rd : Episode #566 – A Huge Step Forward in Sonoma and a Huge Step Back in Italy! (by David Wilson)
  • May 16th : Episode #565 – Cooking, Vacation Planning and Experiencing the Napa Valley Virtually… From Home! (by David Wilson)
  • May 9th : Episode #564 – The Mondavi Light Shines Bright at the Napa Valley’s Oldest Winery (by David Wilson)
  • May 2nd : Episode #563 – How COVID-19 is forcing Boutique Winemakers to Sink or Swim (by David Wilson)
  • April 25th : Episode #562 – What Happens When Winery Weddings and Wine Tastings Get Walloped by the Corona Conundrum? (by David Wilson)
  • April 18th : Episode #561 – What Hops, Quacks and Pairs Perfectly With Fermented Grapes? (by David Wilson)
  • April 11th : Episode #560 – Why Lament Together When We Can Ferment Together? The National Honey Wine Project! (by David Wilson)
  • April 4th : Episode #559 – A Renowned Chef. A Beloved Winemaker. Two Stories About Innovating Beyond the Quarantine’s Confines (by David Wilson)
  • March 28th : Episode #558 – Creative Wine Enjoyment While Sheltering in Place (by David Wilson)
  • March 21st : Episode #557 – The Economics of Wine, Sustainability in Place, Plus a Honey of a Surprise! (by David Wilson)
  • March 7th : Episode #555 – HOME SWEET HOME! Grape Encounters Returns to its Roots! (by David Wilson)
  • February 29th : Episode #554 – Jancis Robinson: The Reigning Queen of Wine Meets the Often-Irreverent Wine Maverick! (by David Wilson)
  • February 24th : Episode 553 – Meet the Renaissance Man of Wine, Music and Art! (by David Wilson)
    The last time David had Spencer on Grape Encounters, the conversation was largely about a new project he is overseeing as COO of Wines That Rock, a very unique New York based company that creates very special wines that pay tribute to music, film and pop culture. The company’s latest project includes Star Trek themed wines that are being released in conjunction to the latest Star Trek installment that centers around Captain Picard in the days after his retirement from Star Fleet. But as interesting as that story is, Spencer career also includes sculpture, music production and performance as a world-class pianist.
  • February 18th : Episode #552 – Wine and Food Pairing is for Real People, Not Just an Elite Class! (by David Wilson)
    All over the world, there are literally countless wine and food pairing events going on every single day. More often than not, it’s the best of the best wines paired with culinary creations that few of us will actually get to enjoy more than perhaps once or twice a year, if that. It’s been a long-standing belief of host David Wilson that pairing food and wine can be a beautiful thing, but it need not be reserved for fancy occasions and people with fat wallets. Pairing a delicious (and affordable) wine with a great slice of pizza or messy burger can be just as big a thrill as a carefully choreographed 5-course meal that can burn through a week’s wages of average Americans. This week, long time Grape Encounter regular, Wes Hagen weighs in with David on how to get perhaps just as much pleasure from a yummy yet inexpensive wine and your favorite Italian-inspired pie… pizza pie that is. One thing is for certain, when Wes Hagen, Ambassador of Miller Family Wines and Winemaker of their J. Wilkes brand is in the house, you can count on one or two very odd and wonderful treats. This week, Wes explains the connection between wine and the great scientific achievements of modern man. Are we kidding? Nope. Wes is dead serious and in just about 5 minutes flat he can lay out his case with plenty of names, fact and figures to make you a believer! This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio is brought to you buy your ultimate wine retail resource; Total Wine & More. Total Wine has been David’s hands-down favorite brick and mortar wine shopping experience for more than a dozen years, but they also have plenty for those of you who love to shop, learn and explore from your computer or personal device. See what is so very special at TotalWine.com!
  • February 10th : Episode #551 – Where Will All That Grape Juice Go? Are We Facing a Glut? (by David Wilson)
    It really can be very difficult, if not impossible to predict just how bountiful a particular vintage is likely to be this early in the year, but Host David Wilson likes to think he has his finger on the pulse and is looking at a few subtle clues to help him make a long-shot prediction for the 2020 vintage. One thing is certain; the past decade has produced more than its fair share of bumper crops, and while that might seem like an awesome thing, it does make it hard for grape growers because too much juice can lower both prices and demand. For most wine consumers, where all that wine juice winds up may be something of a mystery… and that is completely understandable given the fact that the grapes harvested off of a single vineyard could end up in several different wines of significantly varying quality and price. That’s a very good reason to listen to this week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio. That’s what you’ll hear in the first half of the show. In the second half, David will share an increasingly popular way to ferment and age wine that isn’t on most people’s radar: amphoras and concrete tanks. In a way, it’s a case of high tech getting low tech, and the result is some pretty awesome wines where the grapes express themselves in new and exciting ways. The show concludes with a news item related to the wine cult film classic Sideways. Well, actually, it’s not really about the film but rather a full-emersion Off-Broadway stage play being produced by Rex Pickett, the author of the book that led to the film. There’s just one peculiar thing about this food, wine and entertainment event that has David scratching his head. Odds are, so will you! This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio is brought to you buy your ultimate wine retail resource; Total Wine & More. Total Wine has been David’s hands-down favorite brick and mortar wine shopping experience for more than a dozen years, but they also have plenty for those of you who love to shop, learn and explore from your computer or personal device. See what is so very special at TotalWine.com!
  • February 1st : Episode #550 – If Your Dream is Owning a Winery or Vineyard, You’re in Good Company! (by David Wilson)
  • January 25th : Episode #549 – A Georgetown Rendezvous With the Best of Bordeaux! (by David Wilson)
  • January 18th : Episode #548 – Is Social Media Causing Pretentiousness to Skyrocket? (by David Wilson)
  • January 11th : Episode #547 – 100% Tariffs on French Wine Could Pummel the World Wine Industry like a Meteorite (by David Wilson)
  • January 4th : Episode #546 – The Many Routes to Becoming a Sommelier (by David Wilson)
    She was the 5th woman to earn the title Master Sommelier and she has earned a lot more titles, honors and certifications than that in her extensive wine career. Catherine is the proprietor of Planet Grape, LLC, a wine consulting firm providing content, reviews, corporate & private tastings, restaurant wine program development, and speaking services. She created her alter-ego, Grape Goddess, to help bring wine down to earth for consumers as well as those entering the wine industry. She is one of a handful of female professional sabreurs in the world, opening a bottle of Champagne with a sword in a dazzling theatrical performance. Catherine was recently inducted into Les Dames d’Escoffier and is a Board Member of The American Institute of Wine & Food. Her diverse wine background as a salesperson, sommelier, distributor, and supplier helped Catherine become the well-rounded and thorough expert she is today. She understands all facets of the wine business, and is a frequent speaker, event host, educator, and consultant for corporations, consumers and the wine trade. She is a highly sought after wine expert and spokesperson for the wine industry. On today’s episode of Grape Encounters, Catherine tackles a couple of very important topics. First, for those who desire to become a certified wine expert, there are many routes that can be taken. Catherine helps listeners sort out the differences and offers expert advise on which direction to go. Next on to today’s main subject. As the seasons change, so do our desires for different wines. In the same way that we change our wardrobe throughout the year, we also pay closer attention to wines that suit the season. David and Catherine take a deep dive into this subject and much more!
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