“Wine Lover’s Remorse” Be Gone!

I’d like to share with you 8 things that have the potential to significantly improve your wine drinking experience and that of your wine-drinking guests.  I’m sharing this information because it happens to the best of us…  Let’s call it: “WINE LOVER’S REMORSE.” It’s when pricey bottles of wine purchased at the winery just don’t

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Yes! Tinker with Your Wine!

By David Wilson Nearly two decades ago, I had a life-changing wine experience. I was on the Island of St. Martin in the Caribbean with a group travelers who were enjoying an incentive trip hosted by an LA radio station.  Several members of our group were partying around the pool on a picture-perfect night.  Most

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The Worthless Whiff

The server opens the bottle and hands the cork to someone at the table.  The recipient sniffs the cork and gives a tumbs up!  How to look silly without really trying, after this! It’s kind of like what you might do if you were suddenly face to face with the Pope… Do you bow?  Curtsey?

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Ryan Render Wine Barrels

Grape Encounters Episode #392 – Talking Barrels with Ryan Render

David talks with Ryan Render, Director of Sales for Tonnellerie CADUS North America, as well as founder and winemaker at Rendarrio Vineyards. Ryan consults with wineries about choosing suitable barrels for their wines. Tonnellerie means barrel-making, or cooperage, and is one of the least understood aspects of winemaking. Ryan has a keen appreciation and understanding