Chef William Carter and Winemaker Adam LaZarre

Episode #456 – Winemaker Adam LaZarre and Chef William Carter

Uncommon wine knowledge… There are no stupid questions when it comes to wine. The thing is, the questions most people are asking may not give you the knowledge you really need when it comes to wine. That’s why we invited world-renowned winemaker Adam LaZarre into the studio to tackle a few questions that we think

Gladiator in a Can, Adam LaZarre

Episode #438 – Cycles Gladiator in a Can

It wasn’t that long ago that Grape Encounters host David Wilson would cringe at the idea of putting fine wine in a can, in fact, there are many past episodes of Grape Encounters where David literally rants about the thought of doing such a vile thing. Well, sometimes it takes a respected colleague to get

Episode #336 – 2015 Highlights of Grape Encounters

It was a busy year for Grape Encounters… David met many amazing people and traveled to Texas Wine Country, the New York Finger Lakes wine region, and the vineyards of northern Greece! We’ve chosen some of our favorite segments for this Highlights of 2015, including Ian Cauble, Sara Schneider, Adam LaZarre and Gil Gagnon. Many

Episode #325 – Let’s Not Sugarcoat the News About Vintage 2015

The most highly reported story from the wine industry this year is the harvest of 2015 and the impact the severe 4-year west coast drought has had on production. If you’re a wine enthusiast, chances are you don’t know who to believe. Some say the production is not off all that much, while grape growers