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Episode #521 – Tom Rodrigues: Meet the Ultimate Wine Renaissance Man

He’s the ultimate renaissance man when it comes to wine. He’s a pig farmer, renowned winemaker and world class artist. He’s also a dear friend of Grape Encounters Radio. In this episode, you’ll see that truly great winemakers are seldom one-dimensional. Join us for an intimate and fun-filled discussion with Artevino Winery’s Tom Rodrigues. David

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Episode #520 – Wine Regions That are Off Your Radar: Lodi and Clarksburg, CA

Total Wine & More This week’s edition of Grape Encounters Radio begins with an important announcement that we couldn’t be more pleased to tell you about.  Total Wine & More, America’s leading wine retailer, has joined the Grape Encounters Bandwagon as our lead sponsor. The sponsorship extends through the end of the year and gives

Episode #519 – A Landmark Wine Decision in the Supreme Court

A Landmark Wine Decision in the Supreme Court; Tennessee Wine vs Thomas Our guest today is Tom Wark, President of Wark Communications and author of the Fermentations Blog. The Supreme Court just handed down a landmark decision when it comes to changes in wine retail laws and wine shipping. It’s all great news for wine

Canned Wine Competition

Episode #518 – Canned Wine and Packaging Trends

David talks with Allan Green, Director of the International Canned Wine Competition… Allan has been in the wine business for more than 45 years. His experience includes directing and organizing the Mendocino County Fair Wine Competition, which he helped start in 1979, for most of the last thirty years. He also created and hosted the

Episode #517 – What to do if Wine Doesn’t Like You!

Wine hangovers, grape skin and sulfite allergies. There are perhaps fewer people who dislike wine than people who say that wine dislikes them. Most would love to drink red wine especially, but don’t because they think they’re suffering from some sort of allergy. Today’s episode of Grape Encounters is a great opportunity for you to

WIne News

Episode #515 – Latest Wine News

Catching Up on the Latest Wine News There’s been a lot to talk about in the news in the past couple of weeks and we need to get you caught up. Grape Encounters Announcer Brentanamo joins David in the studio to banter about some of the hottest topics of the day, including Vladimir Putin’s wine

Tim Hanni

Episode #514 – Breaking Wine Rules

Why Wine Rules Were Meant to be Broken, Featuring the First US Master of Wine, Tim Hani This is an encore presentation of a show that we ran a few months ago. We felt that it was important to rerun it because a number of people told us that they didn’t get a chance to

Episode #513 – Family-friendly Wineries

David talks with Nancy Light of the Wine Institute about family-friendly wineries. Nancy Light is Vice President of Communications for the Wine Institute, the public policy association of 1,000 California wineries and affiliated businesses dedicated to enhancing the environment for the responsible consumption and enjoyment of wine. Download this episode

Episode #510 – Keith Roberts of the Young Dubliners and Hakone Gardens

Wine Appreciation with an Irish and Japanese Accent Okay, so here’s a really off-the-wall episode of Grape Encounters Radio. What happens when the lead singer of a leading Celtic Rock group meets up with Grape Encounters host David Wilson? Well, you’ll hear the answer in episode 510 of Grape Encounters Radio. Keith Roberts is the

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Episode #509 – The Sacramento Wine & Food Scene

Taking in the Sacramento Food and Wine Scene at Mulvaney’s and Heringer Estates… Today’s episode of Grape Encounters comes to you from California’s State Capitol, Sacramento. Best known as the Golden State’s government seat, this northern California city is becoming equally well known as a food and wine lover’s paradise, and there’s probably no better