Mike DeSimone and Jeff Jenssen

Episode #461 – The World Wine Guys

David talks with MIKE DeSIMONE and JEFF JENSSEN, also known as the World Wine Guys, who are wine, spirits, food, and travel writers, educators, and hosts. They are award-winning journalists as well as best-selling and award-winning authors. They have been featured guests on the TODAY Show, The Martha Stewart Show, Better TV, and the CBS,

Experience Rose

Episode #460 – Experience Rosé!

Host David Wilson talks with Craig Palmer, co-founder along with Allen Habel, of “Experience Rosé,” a competition devoted exclusively to rosé. Experience Rosé is all about providing extraordinary experiences for everyone who revels in passion for Rosé and its infinite possibilities all year-long. Foodie to newbie. Wine maker to chef. Sponsor to volunteer. Because every day

Aaron Polsky

Episode #459 – Breaking the Myth about Mixing Wine & Spirits

Taking Wine into the Spirit World Host David Wilson talks creativity with wine with Aaron Polsky, master mixologist at Harvard & Stone bar in Hollywood. Aaron Polsky, the ambitious bartender behind LA’s Harvard & Stone, who is on a mission to make sustainability sexy and seamless while slinging first-rate cocktails to thousands at Coachella. Download

John Wagner of Peake Ranch

Episode #458 – Peake Ranch preview

This week, first David delves into how the real price of a bottle of wine breaks down – tracing a bottle of wine from the winery to the wine glass and how much it gets marked up along the way. Next, in an uncanny story of how life comes full circle, David visits with one

Episode #457 – Wente Vineyards

David visits the Wente Vineyard in Livermore, CA, the country’s oldest, continuously operated family-owned winery, founded in 1883. They are celebrating their 135th anniversary, and David talks with the “first family of Chardonnay,” Phil, Niki and Karl Wente about their family history, and the celebrated “Wente clone” that is prevalent in CA Chardonnay. Also, next

Chef William Carter and Winemaker Adam LaZarre

Episode #456 – Winemaker Adam LaZarre and Chef William Carter

Uncommon wine knowledge… There are no stupid questions when it comes to wine. The thing is, the questions most people are asking may not give you the knowledge you really need when it comes to wine. That’s why we invited world-renowned winemaker Adam LaZarre into the studio to tackle a few questions that we think

Hunt Cellars

Episode #455 – Hunt Cellars Winery and Santa Barbara Vinters Festival

David talks with David Hunt of Hunt Cellars, a winemaker, author, musician, lyracist and inventor. David lost his sight in his forties, and it hasn’t stopped him from making the most of each and every day. David (Hunt) believes that his “inner vision that can see a God-made world, not a man-made world.” David shares

Chateau La France Chateau leroy-beauval

Episode #453 – Chateau la France and Chateau Leroy Beauval

Continuing the exploration of Bordeaux, David visits with Bruno Mottet, Executive Director of Chateau la France, a beautiful chateau with vineyards, a bed & breakfast and a 20-meter stainless steel rooster who watches over the grapes. An estate of great name since the XVIIth century, Château La France is one of the largest estates in

Certified Sustainable Winegrowing

Episode #452 – Classiest US Party Cities and Sustainable Winegrowing

David talks with Lucas Puente, Chief Economist at Thumbtack, a service that matches up consumers and service providers, from bartenders & event help to house painting and personal training. Thumbtack looked at which cities know how to throw the classiest parties by examining which cities are most likely to have a professional bartender at their

World of Pinot Noir and Christopher Sawyer

Episode #451 – Chris Sawyer and the World of Pinot Noir

David talks with one of our most favorite somms, Christopher Sawyer, “the Sommelier to the Stars,” all about The World of Pinot Noir event, and why it’s ok for you to like, or not-like, different varietals… including Pinot!   Follow Chris’s events and blog at: http://sawyersomm.com/     Download this episode

Episode #450 – You too, Can Be a Winemaker, and more on Vinome

In a new edition of David’s “You Too, Can Be A Winemaker,” David talks with Erin Faulkner of Defiance Vineyard in the Paso Robles wine region, about her family’s journey into winemaking, and their methods of learning the grape-growing and winemaking industries. Their Cabernet Sauvignon really “wow’ed” David, and they have a fascinating story, still