Episode #270 – You can’t volunteer to pick grapes!

All across America—scratch that— all around the world, countless wine lovers with a desire to learn more about winemaking or simply participate in the process of this age-old art, volunteer their services in vineyards and wineries with passion and pride. Now, labor laws with a very different original purpose are being reinterpreted and used to

Uncorked #705 — Cellar Not Required

The average American opens a bottle of wine within a day of taking it home. To those less than patient wine drinkers, I’ll simply say, this one’s not for you. But if you’re keeping wine around a while, let’s get the rules straight.

Uncorked #702 — Sound Wine Storage Ideas

Remember when your parents said, turn down that music or you’ll ruin your hearing. Well, if you’re still cranking up the volume, there’s a good chance you could ruin your wine stash. Break out the headphones for this one.

Episode 268 — Bubbles, Sparkles and Gas! Conversations with a Wiz on Fizz!

Veteran Burgundian winemaker Christian Roguenant perfected his craft making bubbly in the Champagne Region of his native France. Today he oversees winemaking at the Niven Family Wine Estates, which produce several premium labels, including Baileyana, Tangent, Trenza, Cadre and Zocker. http://www.grapeencounters.com/wp-admin/post.php?post=3583&action=edit On this edition of Grape Encounters, Christian joins host David Wilson and explains the