Episode #374 – A Few Things We Never Talk About On Grape Encounters Radio!

It really wasn’t then intended theme of this week’s show, bit it just kind of worked out that way. In Episode 374 of Grape Encounters Radio, it’s a veritable potpourri of subjects that, for one reason or another, just haven’t been talked about on the show. The show begins with a truly delightful and eye-opening

Episode #349 – From the Big Screen to Big Red Wines…

What happens when a top movie exec takes a recommendation from Grape Encounters to heart and starts making wine? Former Disney Films Executive Gil Gagnon figures he spent 6 years of his life driving to and from the epicenter of California filmmaking. Then one day, an episode of Grape Encounters Radio gave him an idea

Episode #336 – 2015 Highlights of Grape Encounters

It was a busy year for Grape Encounters… David met many amazing people and traveled to Texas Wine Country, the New York Finger Lakes wine region, and the vineyards of northern Greece! We’ve chosen some of our favorite segments for this Highlights of 2015, including Ian Cauble, Sara Schneider, Adam LaZarre and Gil Gagnon. Many