Episode #262–How Winemakers are Surviving Drought Conditions Across America

This week, Grape Encounters host David Wilson has discovered a tasty, healthy cracker called the Drunken Diva. It’s made from grape seed flour that is a byproduct of Chardonnay grape seeds. Rosemary Hawthorne of Bless Your Heart Bakery talks about the gluten-free, low-glycemic and addictively delish treat. She also talks about things you may want to

Industry Movers & Shakers dish on Grape Encounters’ Radio: All About Wines

During a particularly poignant moment, David asks Rex if he thinks another varietal such as Viognier would have emerged as the “go-to” wine had Miles preferred it to Pinot. Rex said the question was “a great one that (he) had never been asked.” Hear his response on this week’s show.