Episode #286 – What Celebrity Does This Wine Remind You Of?

Plus, What if You’re in the Mood for Something Cheap? Well, we didn’t have enough time to have the Pope on, but we’re hoping he can join us very soon. All kidding aside, this week’s Grape Encounters begins with the Grape Encounters news and one very amusing story about a California Winemaker who found favor

Episode #285 – In Appreciation of the Big Bargain Wine Brands

As much as we like to talk about small, boutique wines, in truth, the vast majority of wines produced and consumed in America come to market by the millions of gallons. And it’s an absolute fact that these wines are popular for a reason. It really is hard to argue with success, so this week’s

Episode #284 – The Best of 2014 Grape Encounters

Jean Charles Boisset It’s an all-star cast as David revisits his favorite moments of 2014. This very special retrospective begins with a heartwarming visit with Mike Grgich, the legendary winemaker who stunned the world by capturing top honors at the 1976 Judgment of Paris. Next up is Jean-Charles Boisset, arguably the most colorful winemaker in

Episode #283 — What You Should Know About Your New Year’s Bubbly

Veteran Burgundian winemaker Christian Roguenant perfected his craft making bubbly in the Champagne Region of his native France. Today he oversees winemaking at the Niven Family Wine Estates, which produce several premium labels, including Baileyana, Tangent, Trenza, Cadre and Zocker. On this edition of Grape Encounters, Christian joins host David Wilson and explains the difference

Episode #282 – How the Right Glass Can Dramatically Alter Your Wine Enjoyment, with George Riedel

This week, David had the opportunity to participate in an unforgettable event. David begins the show by saying that he’s not a seminar guy and has never sat thru a complete seminar in his life, but says this one was mesmerizing.   That’s because the man at the front of the room is a larger than

Episode #281 – Taking the Intimidation Out of Wine AND Having the Patience to Let it Age

David talks with Charlottesville, VA restaurateur and Sommelier Justin Ross about his determination to take the intimidation of ordering wine in his restaurant Parallel 38. Justin uses new technology that enables him to serve every single wine on his extensive list by the glass. Want two ounces of Opus One? You can get it with

Grape Encounters Em•POUR•ium Wine Bar and Shop Now Open

Grape Encounters is pleased to announce the opening of our Grape Encounters Em•POUR•ium Wine Bar and Wine Shop in the heart of the Central Coast. We are carrying international wines as well as local small-producers that don’t have their own tasting rooms or distribution channels. (The best local wines you’ve never tasted!) In addition, we

Episode #280 – How Much Do You Know About That Wine?

This week’s Grape Encounters is all about knowledge. The show begins with a very special interview with Paul Draper, the chief winemaker and CEO of Ridge Vineyards, a true icon in the winemaking world. Those who love Zinfandel certainly owe Paul a debt of gratitude, as he has been a central figure in the elevation

Episode #277 – Robotic Wine Tasting, Online Wine Appraisal and Wine News

There’s a new expert in the wine tasting world – and it never has to spit. “The Mini Mouth” is an artificial tongue that can “taste” wine, measure and analyze the chemistry of tannins and astringency that affect the human experience. Researchers at Arhaus University in Denmark have developed a nanosensor which can measure how

Episode #276 – SOMM, Sara and the Secret to Tasting Wine

Last year, a fascinating documentary detailed the experiences of four sommeliers attempting to pass the prestigious Master Sommelier exam, a test less than 200 people have passed, and which has one of the lowest pass rates in the world. The movie SOMM gives us personal insight into the intensity with which they study, taste and