John Wagner of Peake Ranch

Episode #458 – Peake Ranch preview

This week, first David delves into how the real price of a bottle of wine breaks down – tracing a bottle of wine from the winery to the wine glass and how much it gets marked up along the way. Next, in an uncanny story of how life comes full circle, David visits with one


Episode #413 – At the Top of Their Game! Archery Summit in Oregon’s Willamette Valley

A Delightful Afternoon with Head Winemaker and GM Chris Mazepink of Archery Summit There couldn’t have been a more picture perfect day to enjoy a long line-up of wines from Archery Summit GM and Winemaker Chris Mazepink. Archery Summit features Oregon’s only natural cave cellar and we assure you, the views underground are just as

Hyland Estates

Episode #411 – How Oregon Wines Got Their French Accent!

One-on-one with Laurent Montalieu, Founder of Hyland Estates in the Willamette Valley This edition of Grape Encounters is the first in a long-anticipated month-long series recorded in the famed Willamette Valley wine of Northwest Oregon. It’s a place where you’ll find true winemaking pioneers who have no inclination to copy what their counterparts in other

Industry Movers & Shakers dish on Grape Encounters’ Radio: All About Wines

During a particularly poignant moment, David asks Rex if he thinks another varietal such as Viognier would have emerged as the “go-to” wine had Miles preferred it to Pinot. Rex said the question was “a great one that (he) had never been asked.” Hear his response on this week’s show.