Episode #267 — Will It Stand the Test of Time? Maybe You’re Better Off NOT Knowing!

Everyone who collects wine, whether it’s just a few bottles in a wine rack, or a basement wine cellar, or a professional storage facility, takes a certain amount of risk. In this episode, David talks with Cindy Lewis and James Nunno of Nunno Wine Storage and Services in Paso Robles, about both safety and innovative

Episode #260 — Fighting Antiquated Wine Laws… Plus, Why DO You Like That Wine?

This week on Grape Encounters, your easy-going host David Wilson is up in arms over archaic, Prohibition-era laws still on the books in New England that are having a detrimental impact on consumer access to many wines. Tom Wark is the Executive Director of the American Wine Consumer Coalition and explains how you can help

Episode #257 – From The Halls of Wine.com to the “Show Me” State’s Largest Winery

It’s been about a month since former BevMo Cellar Master Wilfred Wong appeared on Grape Encounters to talk about his transition to being Chief Storyteller at Wine.com. Today, host David Wilson visits the grape guru he’s dubbed the “Yoda of Wine” on his new turf. It’s another entertaining, passionate discussion about one of America’s biggest

Episode #252 – The Inside Scoop on China’s Extraordinary Growth and Passion for Wine

This week on Grape Encounters Radio, host David Wilson speaks with two of the biggest experts on the growing popularity of wine in Asia. Tommy Lam is the preeminent wine educator in China, Hong Kong and Singapore. Mr. Lam is the President of the Asia Wine Institute, and is also with the Sommelier Association of

Episode #249 – Taking a Wine Holiday: It’s More Than Music To Your Ears!

Great wine, delicious food, amazing music and faraway destinations intersect on this week’s edition of Grape Encounters. It’s that time of year when people get the bug to hit the road… or take to air or the sea… for spring and summer vacations. Andy Levine, founder of Duvine Cycling, makes a return visit to talk

Episode #245 – Vino Lifestyles of the Rich & Famous at Sea

If you’ve ever vacationed in a European port city, you’ve likely admired some of the world’s finest luxury yachts. This week on Grape Encounters, Australian Chrissie McClatchie takes us into the lifestyle of the rich and famous at sea from her office in Nice, France. Chrissie works at Vins Sans Frontieres, a company that provisions

Episode #244 – Winemaking Gone Green: Sustainability in the Vineyards

This week on Grape Encounters, we’re going to get very down to earth. Sustainability has become a big word in the wine industry. Host David Wilson welcomes Doris Cooper of Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards in the Santa Cruz Mountains to talk about their cutting-edge conservation efforts. Learn about what Cooper-Garrod Estate Vineyards has done to become certified as

Episode 241 – Party Like It’s 1999 (Plus 15 Years)… The Fun Continues At Napa Gras!

Last week, Grape Encounters escorted you into Napa Valley’s premiere annual party with an invitation from Jean-Charles Boisset at Raymond Vineyards. This week, host David Wilson gets things underway with Karen MacNeil. Karen is the author of the most complete wine book ever: The Wine Bible. As one of the foremost writers in the world