Episode #450 – You too, Can Be a Winemaker, and more on Vinome

In a new edition of David’s “You Too, Can Be A Winemaker,” David talks with Erin Faulkner of Defiance Vineyard in the Paso Robles wine region, about her family’s journey into winemaking, and their methods of learning the grape-growing and winemaking industries. Their Cabernet Sauvignon really “wow’ed” David, and they have a fascinating story, still


Episode #428 – VINOME Lets Your DNA be Your Sommelier!

Genome – vinome? Grape Encounters host David Wilson has long insisted that our taste in wine is no simple accident. For years, David has been noting the relationship between things we love (and hate) in our everyday world and our preferences in wine. David frequently asks listeners to tell him their preferences in music, film,