Canned wine

Episode #522 – Canned Wine and Turning Wine, Oh My!

A few weeks back, David interviewed Allan Green, the founder and Executive Director of the International Canned Wine Competition which is a first of its kind being held in Boonville, California. Since that initial interview, there have been a plethora of stories out about the subject and it appears we

Wine trends with Wes Hagen

Episode #512 – Wine Trends with Wes Hagen

It’s never a dull moment when Wes Hagen, one of David’s best buddies in the wine business joins the conversation to talk about the real truths related to wine. In this episode, David and Wes, who is renowned in the wine business and also the winemaker for J. Wilkes in

J. Wilkes Wine

Episode #503 – Wes Hagen

David hosts longtime friend and wine expert, Wes Hagen, winemaker and brand ambassador at J. Wilkes Wines on the Central Coast, as well as a noted wine judge, lecturer and educator. Wes has the unique ability to have condensed the History of Wine into a two-minute talk. Listen to hear

Episode #331 – What is the WHY of Wine?

This week, we are treated with a visit from Wes Hagen to the Grape Encounters Studio and Emporium Wine Bar & Shop in the Central Coast. Wes has just experienced the Vinthesis™ blending experience, and gives his stamp of approval to David’s methods and madness. And then lets loose with