David Rosengarten feature

Episode #370 – Taste You Can Trust: Secrets of Wine and Food Pairing with David Rosengarten

David Wilson hosts journalist, television personality, and cookbook author David Rosengarten, who has covered great food products, restaurants, wines, gastronomic travel destinations, and related subjects for over 25 years. He has written hundreds of articles and contributed hundreds of original recipes to publications such as Gourmet (where he was Restaurant Critic from 1996 to 2000),

Episode #361 – Sipping Semantics: Apparently, No Wine Defies Description

Stephen McConnell, food and wine blogger of SOIF and eatdrinkca.com Wine and Food Blogger Stephen McConnell is never at a loss for words.  And while you may not always understand his quips about Cabernet, Granache grandiosity or muses about Merlot, one thing is certain; there’s a madness to his method. To understand his verbal gymnastics,

Uncorked #775 – Social Wine Making

Wine lovers have always agreed that wine is great when paired with a social occasion or celebration. One winery is taking the compatibility of wine for social interactions in a completely different direction–crowdsourced wine making.

Uncorked #774 – 3D Wine Technology

It seems like 3D printing could be the next big thing in technology, but could it prove to be beneficial for wine lovers? A pair of Florida-based designers certainly think so — their firm Ottermatics is tackling the finer points of wine aeration.