Ep. 177 — Is wine going to the dogs?

Today, Grape Encounters Radio is going to the Dogs, Literally! A few months ago we spent an afternoon with Jean-Charles Boisset, one of the most powerful and influential names in the wine business both here in the US and in France. Well, Jean-Charles and his wife Gina Gallo of the

Ep. 176 — Just a little taste, but a very big idea

On today’s show, Grape Encounters will introduce you to a website that eliminates host David Wilson’s number one pet peeve when it comes to wine tasting. It’s one of those things that you probably have thought would be awfully nice and the forward thinking entrepreneurs at tastingroom.com have made it

Ep. 175 — Trading Places with the French

On this week’s Grape Encounters, learn how much wine consumption in France has dropped (while it continues to grow and grow in the US). Have the French adopted our old wine drinking habits… and have we adopted theirs? Speaking of the French, join us for a visit with Sophie Gayot

Ep. 174 — The Capitol Hill Wine Gaffe

On this edition of Grape Encounters radio, we’ll talk about which wines are really hot this year with an expert from the Wine Institute. We’ll also talk about leftovers… both edible and drinkable and what to do with them, but first, we’ll share a little bi-partisan wine story from Capitol