September 25, 2023

Episode #363 – Justin Winery Executives Offer Reparations and Answers after Ecological Disaster

David meets with top executives of Justin Winery concerning the oak deforestation that has fueled outrage at the multi-billion dollar parent company, The Wonderful Co., headed by Stewart and Lynda Resnick. David meets with David Ricanati, Justin’s president, Steven Clark, Wonderful Co. Vice President of Communications and Justin Baldwin, original founder of Justin Winery and asks how this could have possibly happened? Who pulled the trigger?

The Resnicks claim they had no knowledge of the ecological disaster and apologized in an impassioned open letter. How sincere was the apology? How will reparations be made and in what time frame?

This interview was conducted with the hope that everyone will work together to do what is right. As much as I love wine, no bottle of it is worth sacrificing our precious and finite resources.

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