September 21, 2023

A Note From the Reluctant Blogger

I did not ever intend to blog. For a very long time, I didn’t even know what a blog was. I originally thought it was a chunk of something caught in your throat. Anyway, here I am, when I could be watching TV or doing something entertaining–but instead, I’m pecking on the keyboard… and you’re probably wondering why.

On the Grape Encounters Radio show, I casually share my thoughts about wine drinking, the wine experience, wine people and a lot of really off-beat subjects simply because they tickle my fancy. When we first started airing on broadcast radio (thanks to Knight Broadcasting on the Central Coast of California) I wasn’t really sure who if anybody was listening. But the station got calls and I got emails and comments and the owner of the cluster moved our easy-going little show to a great Saturday slot and all hell broke loose.

We had a website which we kind of neglected a bit–and its only purpose was to show you the faces of the people you were hearing. We then made it possible for you to hear the show online. In recent months, our daily visits have climbed to heights I never imagined, and now I’m totally paranoid about making sure that we have something here for you to enjoy.

So for a little while, we’re going to have to muster up content and get the ball rolling. We’ve put up a totally new photo gallery that needs serious organizing but we’re on it. We want to become a fun and useful resource that you can visit often.

If you don’t know what we’re all about, it is simple. We want to liberate you wine lovers from the stuffy, pretentious minority that insist that you enjoy it and do it there way. We’ll try to give you meaningful guidance, but mostly, we just want you to have the maximum amount of fun with your wine experience.

As I wrap up this first little introductory epistle, I want to thank Radio Blogger Jennifer, who served up some pretty stiff criticism of one of my recent shows. At first I was a pretty befuddled by the realization that not everybody was enjoying what I was dishing out. But then it occurred to me that not everyone likes the same wines either. The most important lesson is this… No matter what you’re serving, make it the very best it can be–because, in the end, even if others don’t like it, at least they may appreciate it. Here’s to you Jennifer. I love your blog. Check out this week’s show. I think it may be more to your liking. If not, there’s a bucket on the bar that you can spit it out into. Cheers.

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