September 27, 2023

About the Show

Your Weekly Connection to the People, Places and Products That Make Wine So Much Fun!

There was a time, not long ago, when wine tasting was regarded as something done by people with specially trained palates and sophisticated sensibilities. Today, wine is being consumed by hundreds of millions of people who drink it simply because it is what they like. Grape Encounters is about the colorful people, the places, the ambiance and the passion that makes wine drinking one of the world’s most popular pastimes. Grape Encounters is lighthearted, interactive and a very good time– taking listeners out of the studio and into places you won’t see on a winery tour. The Central Coast of California is the home of Grape Encounters Radio. This exciting region provides endless content for the show, but we enthusiastically take listeners to the four corners of the world on a regular basis.

Grape Encounters is an audio guide to special wine-related discoveries and memorable experiences that airs each week on radio stations across the United States , reaching wine lovers from coast to coast. But, that’s just the beginning. Grape Encounters can also be heard worldwide from our website and can be downloaded for free from the iTunes Music Store. Grape Encounters provides an opportunity to point listeners to wineries, tasting rooms, restaurants and other establishments that are certain to leave a lasting impression.

Nothing Pretentious Here!

Grape Encounters is not a program for wine snobs. The show is designed for everyday people who are eager to discover what the region has to offer. Grape Encounters is about the people, the places, the visitors, the ambiance and the passion that brings great wines to life.

Grape Encounters is lighthearted, interactive and a very good time, taking listeners out of the studio and into the vineyards and tasting rooms. Sure, Grape Encounters talks to the experts, but we also talk to the everyday people who are in the midst of having an exceptionally good time. Yes, we could talk tannins… and we might. But wine, vineyards and the wine country are so much more than that.

It’s an Encounter!

Grape Encounters is really an audio guide with a focus on wine and the things that compliment it. Grape Encounters takes listeners to the heart of the experience and lets them be a part of it. The show respects the experience of the winemaker as well as the inexperience of many of the listeners.

Grape Encounters communicates on a level that excludes no one. It has plenty for those in the know and comfortably welcomes wine newcomers.