September 27, 2023

Airplane Wine Gets an Altitude Adjustment!

It is often said that the best way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. But these days, it might be more appropriate to say that the best route is through a wine glass. And while airlines seem to be failing us in most respects by eliminating practically every single frill, when it comes to wine they’ve definitely been stepping up their game, and passengers are taking notice.
Gone are the days of cheap, mass-produced plonk being served in plastic cups. These days, airlines are offering a much wider selection of wines, many of them from well-known regions and producers. And yes, they’re often serving them in real glasses, too!
So what’s behind this sudden interest in serving better wine on planes? Part of it may be due to the fact that more and more people are traveling for leisure and business, and they’re willing to pay for a better experience. But whatever the reason, there’s no doubt that wine in the sky is becoming more and more popular. Here are some examples of how a few major carriers are stepping up their game:
United Airlines now offers wines from all over the world, including a special selection of Napa Valley wines.
British Airways has elevated its wine offerings in recent years and now works with some of the best suppliers in the business.
Virgin Atlantic’s Upper Class passengers can enjoy a selection of fine wines from around the world, including a special champagne menu.
There is just one hitch. Some say that the higher altitude affects the way we taste wine, making it seem more acidic and tannic. Others say that the cabins are so dry that it makes wine taste flat.
So how do the airlines make sure that their passengers are getting the best possible experience? Well, some have started offering wines that are specifically chosen for their ability to taste good at high altitudes. So whether you’re flying first class or economy, there’s a good chance that your wine has been carefully selected to taste its best while you’re up in the air.
Whatever the case may be, one thing is certain: airlines are taking wine seriously, and that can only mean good things for passengers. So before you board your next flight, be sure to pack some tasty tidbits to pair with the onboard wine offerings… Who knows, you might just be in for a pleasant surprise!

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