September 25, 2023

Are you truly unpretentious? Answer these questions then listen to Episode 57!

If you cooked up a special meal that was just perfect to go with a Cab Syrah blend and you suddenly realized that you have plenty of one or the other but not both, would you blend them?

Have you ever sipped straight out of the bottle when no one was looking?

Is it OK to put ice cubes in your wine?

Are there any occasions when plastic cups are acceptable?

Do you frequently break the conventional pairing rules?

Is it better to brag about how little you paid for a wine or better to brag about how much?

If you participated in a blind tasting which included your favorite wine and a boxed wine… and the boxed wine won, would you switch?

If you a paid a pretty penny for a bottle of wine and it was very much NOT to your liking, would you 1) drink it anyway, 2) Toss it. 3) Cook with it or 4) pass it off on someone else with a less discriminating palate?

If you had a friend coming over for dinner that you knew was a white zinfandel drinker, would you have a bottle of white zin waiting for them or would you select an alternative sweet wine to class things up a bit like a Riesling or a white merot?

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