Does Wine Make Women Smarter?? Read On!

Grape Encounters Radio is always looking for fun and interesting facts to bring to the attention of our Grape Encounters followers. This was an article we recently discovered and thought it would be fun to share with you. Read it and give us your comments. It would be a fun subject to discuss at your next wine-tasting party!

Study: Wine Gives Women Intellectual Edge Over Men

Norway (KGO) — According to a recent study out of Norway, wine gives women a bit of an intellectual edge over men.

The so-called study tested more than 5,000 middle-age men and women over seven years.

The research shows that women who drank wine four or more times over a two week period scored better on cognitive tests than those who drank only one glass during that same time.

One reason may be due to the polyphenols or antioxidants in wine.
Another reason could be the alcohol itself, which helps blood circulation.

Source: ABC News, August, 2010

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