September 25, 2023

Ep. 132 – Some Downright Decadent Days Ahead!

This is a very busy time of year with lots of opportunities for wine lovers to have fun.  This week, you’ll meet a tour operator that will take you to some very unexpected places… Mom and Pop cafes, Farmers Market and more.  A food expedition of a different kind!  Then, what happens when all the tasting rooms in an emerging wine region get together to do something special for lovers?  You’ll see AND you might want to come along.  Speaking of coming along… we’ll introduce you to the founder of the most decadent food and wine fundraiser of all time.  What an event!  Then, our Gadget Guru gets very patriotic and Presidential as we discuss wine and Presidents Day.  Oh, and you won’t want to miss David’s rant about ill-conceived wine tastings!  Tune in to see what we’re talking about!

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