September 27, 2023

Ep. 150 — Yes, you too can blend!!

It’s your wine… you paid for it… and you can blend it if you have that burning desire!  This week’s show is all about blending wine… and to that end we’re pleased to present two outstanding wineries that have on-site blending programs so that wine lovers can get really creative.  Meet Raymond Winery’s Marketing Manager Patrick Eagen and Bennett Lane’s General Manager Stephanie Longton.  They’ll fill you in on a whole new chapter of wine adventures and appreciation.  We start off with some insightful and delightful thoughts on blending with Wine Gadget Guru Matt Dubow and the latest and greatest from wine country courtesy of Tom Silberkleit; the publisher of the Califronia Directory of Fine Wineries!  Let your creativity flow… straight into your glass… on the latest episode of Grape Encounters Radio hosted by David Wilson!

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