September 27, 2023

Ep. 155 — Fine Wine Bargains and Romantic Revelations

This week’s show features two women from the world of wine and two of our favorite topics. First, it’s great wines at great prices as wine expert Sheri Morano talks about premium winemakers who also offer more modestly priced wines. Then modesty goes out the window as food and wine aphrodisiac expert Amy Reiley returns to Grape Encounters after maternity leave to talk about wine, romance and how pregnancy figures into the equation. Bringing everything home is our Gadget Guru Matt Dubow who is actually far from home on romantic Maui. That didn’t stop us from disrupting his vacation to pick his brain. Matt paid us back big time by letting us know just how much fun he’s having sipping on drinks with umbrellas in them!

[haiku url=” .mp3″ player=1761]

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