June 5, 2023

Ep. 182 — Tequila, Testosterone and Zinners!

A Buffet of Off-the-Wall Conversations on This Week’s Show

Today on Grape Encounters, we’ll visit with one of the savviest people in the wine business. He’s a winemaker, an author, an educator, a wine judge and a connoisseur of fine, well, tequila. He’s also someone who thinks Americans need to embrace their own wine identity. Also on the show, we’ll talk zin with a guy who knows the ins and outs of some of our greatest wineries like no one else, but first, a little news and information that will take your wine knowledge up a notch… or at least give you something to talk about at the next dinner party. Plus, how wine effects your testosterone levels with Gadget Guru Matt DuBow of EpicStyle.com.

[haiku url=”https://grapeencounters.com/media/ep182.mp3″ player=1761]

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