September 27, 2023

Episode 201 — It Not Only Tastes Good, I FEEL GOOD!

Exploring Wine’s Health Benefits with a Pathologist & Wine Expert!

Matilde Parente is both a wine expert and a Pathologist.  Dr. Parente frequently speaks on the relationship between wine and good health.  From the French Paradox to improving heart health to the latest revelation about wine’s apparent ability to ward off kidney stones; this week’s show gets into a lot of detail about research that will likely make you feel even better (literally) about that glass of wine you enjoy on a regular basis!  This is an amazingly interesting show you won’t want to miss.  Plus, do you know how to make a great margarita out of Chardonnay wine?  You can and Gadget Guru Matt Dubow joins us as we share our very secret recipe!  Got any limes?

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