September 22, 2023

Episode 202 – Blending, Sipping and Zipping!

Ancient Peaks winemaker Mike Sinor

This week, it’s a crash course in wine blending with a lot of help from Winemaker Mike Sinor who once served under legendary Robert Mondavi and now is getting a lot of attention at Ancient Peaks Winery, just outside of Paso Robles.  Learn how winemakers approach the challenge of making amazing blends and why blended wines are so hot these days.  Then, as long as we were out at Ancient Peaks, it only made sense to go from blending wine to buzzin’ down one of the only vineyard zip-lines in the world… and this one’s a doozie!  Co-owner Karl Wittstrom is our personal guide on this adventure.

Owner Karl Wittstrom

Finally, it’s a blending blind tasting with Gadget Guru Matt Dubow–but the stuff we’re pouring was intended to stump this Wizard of Wine Goodies and you’ve got to tune in for this unusual little contest!

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