September 20, 2023

Korbel, the renowned California Champagne; and, Alex Villicana of Re:find Dillstillery, makers of Grape Vodka

Episode 216 – All About Bubbles With a Little Vodka Chaser (David Wilson Pops the Cork at Korbel)

When it comes to the world of fermented fruit beverages, there may be no topic that’s more confusing to many people than bubbly. Most people are quite content to call all bubbly… Champagne. And, while Grape Encounters host David Wilson isn’t likely to lift an eyebrow if you call a sparkling wine by some other name, there are some pretty strict rules that govern the use of a number of wine-related terms. This week, Margie Healy, the vice president of communications and marketing for Korbel joins the conversation with all sorts of bubbly facts. And, meet a winemaker whose efforts to encourage sustainability is creating artisan spirits from premium grapes. Alex Villicana of Re:find Distillery shares a Grape Encounter of a different sort, as he tells the story of making vodka and gin with what is left over after fermentation. Also this week, even if a wine isn’t the greatest, there are things you can do to change perception from crummy to yummy. Gadget Guru Matt Dubow from Epic Style has several suggestions on how to give that bottle an upgrade!

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