September 27, 2023

Jackie Olden, MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay, Matt Dubow, Morro Bay Oyster Company's Neal Maloney

Episode 218 – Wine, Oysters and Other Pearls of Wisdom

Corkscrew in hand, Grape Encounters host David Wilson is donning his chef’s apron this week as he whets your appetite with a discussion about oysters and wine. Neal Maloney is the founder of Morro Bay Oyster Company and host of an annual festival that draws thousands each year. He shares his pearls of wisdom on ways to serve oysters and the perfect wines to pair them with. After a whole lot of bragging about his talents in the kitchen, David finds himself facing not one, but two cooking challenges including a competition this weekend where the required main ingredient is oysters. He’ll get some encouragement from legendary radio and television chef Jackie Olden before Dani Maule, a casting producer for FOX TV’s MasterChef with Gordon Ramsay, invites him to try out for Season 5. With Fall arriving, David and Gadget Guru Matt Dubow from Epic Style talk about how wine drinking habits change based upon the weather. Bon Appétit!

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