September 27, 2023

Dr. Doug Hauck, HammerSky Winery

Episode 221 – This Winemaker Has Far More ‘Patients’ Than Most! Why the Smiles Are Brighter at HammerSky Winery

On this week’s episode of Grape Encounters, host David Wilson heads to a hundred-year-old estate that serves as the setting for the HammerSky Winery on California’s Central Coast. There, he meets up with Dr. Doug Hauck, a winemaker who is also a cosmetic dentist to the stars, and who has dabbled a bit in the movies himself. They share their passion for wine over a chat in a preacher’s bedroom. Sara Schneider, wine editor of Sunset Magazine, volleys wine trends with David in this week’s installment of Sipping with Sara. And, with the economy still suffering, it turns out some people are pawning their wine. But,’s Matt Dubow stops by to talk about wine gadgets that are just too good to pawn no matter how tight things may get.

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