Episode #232 – A Toast to Your Host, The Tables Turn on David Wilson

mcmullen-145Grape Encounters executive producer John McMullen steps out from behind the curtain and goes 1-on-1 with host David Wilson in a retrospective glance at the people and the adventures shared around the world since the program’s inception. From conversation about the extraordinary relationship between wine and music to reminiscing about a Grape Encounter of a near-death kind, the interviewer becomes the interviewee.


mattdubow145Then, David shares a surprise so fabulous, you’ll want to have a glass of your favorite vino ready to toast as he makes the big reveal with gadget guru Matt Dubow from EpicStyle.com.



saraschneider145And, just what is David’s “go to” wine for such a special occasion? Tune in as he and Sunset Magazine wine editor Sara Schneider go sipping Syrah!



[haiku url=”https://grapeencounters.com/media/ep232.mp3″ player=1761]

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