September 25, 2023

Episode #236 – Is Mother Nature Waging a War on Wine?

Weather patterns across the United States have posed a dramatic threat to agriculture this year. From extreme drought in the Golden State to the frigid polar vortex conditions that have paralyzed the Midwest and Eastern regions with a record-breaking chill, grape production is facing a serious threat.

lowellzellinski-145This week on Grape Encounters, host David Wilson talks with agriculture expert Dr. Lowell Zellinski of Precision Ag Consulting, who says that with enough water reserves, vintners can weather the driest conditions for a couple of years. But, there are now challenges with irrigation resources being tapped out.



benbrenner-145And, while David is on his honeymoon to Napa wine country, he couldn’t leave his microphones behind. He is driven to inspire the desperately needed rains and makes his way atop a 1300-foot hill overlooking the Somerston Estate and Winery, where he visits with Ben Brenner, the brand ambassador for Somerston, Priest Ranch, and Highflyer wines.

SippingWithSara-145If you’re a budget-conscious wine drinker, there can be some real treasures among discounted vino. David is sipping those bargains with Sunset magazine’s wine editor Sara Schneider this week. Find out why a great value doesn’t have to mean giving up where quality is concerned.

redwinespill-145The gadget guru, Matt Dubow, is prepared for our host’s most embarrassing wine moment with the antidote to spilling red wine all over a white carpet. Tips, tricks and a must-have item for that accident waiting to happen!


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