June 7, 2023

Episode #250 – The Manipulation of Wine

David Wilson is beginning to get terribly bored with wine. He hasn’t lost his passion for a good bottle of wine. But, rather, he has become impatient with finding decent bottles of wine at a decent price. Your Grape Encounters host believes that wines are beginning to taste more and more alike. Why is that? Manipulation in the winemaking process.

weshagen-150sqThis week, respected wine educator, wine judge and Clos Pepe Vineyards winemaker Wes Hagen joins the conversation to explain why he feels that it is becoming more and more difficult to zero in on wines that he’d like to recommend to you. He talks about overcoming ‘sameness in the Golden Age of wine.’

mixingwineThis week’s Sipping with Sara feature with Sunset Magazine’s Sara Schneider continues a conversation about wine manipulation. How exactly is Rosé made? Well, for starters, there’s only one place in the world where mixing red and white wine to achieve this flavorful pink is permitted.

wineskinAnd, Gadget Guru Matt Dubow of EpicStyle.com and David talk about how you can legally take your wine leftovers home from a restaurant.


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