May 19, 2024

Episode #251 – The Largest Fine Wine Region on the Planet is Spelled: Bordeaux!

Go beyond the Bordeaux shelf of your favorite wine retailer on this week’s episode of Grape Encounters as your host David Wilson introduces you to a Native New Yorker who now lives in Bordeaux and has the enviable job of playing liaison between many of the finest French vintners and U.S. wine consumers as an ambassador of the region’s best wines.

janakravitzplissonneau-150 chateau-de-costis-2006-bordeauxJana Kravitz Plissonneau of K & P Origines-Vin’Animus has brought along with her a 14th generation Bordeaux and Bordeaux Supérieur winemaker, Patrick Mazeau, from Château de Costis. It’s a fascinating discussion about the region, the châteaus and the standards required to actually be able to label a wine Bordeaux.

Matt Dubow, the Gadget Guru

And, if you’re a wine lover who is in love with collectibles, you’ll love David’s rap-session this week with Gadget Guru Matt Dubow. They’ll be discussing eye-catching Bottle Stoppers.

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