September 25, 2023

Episode #289 – What Does Fracking do to the Winery Industry in New York?

David speaks with Will Ouweleen, owner of O-neh-da and Eagle Crest Vineyards in the Finger Lakes region of New York, about this wine region which is up in arms to stop the government to allow businesses from outside the region from creating what many believe to be a danger to their wine and tourism industry. Listen to get a better explanation of the fracking gas storage in salt caves problems and concern. Check out more info here: and

Next, David discusses the issues with Joseph Campbell of Gas-Free Seneca to get a slightly different perspective, and more information about the issue. Find out more at:

On this week’s Pre-Valentine’s Day show, we’re going to focus on Wine, Champagne and other goodies that will help you celebrate the very romantic 14th of February in style. From do’s and don’ts to tips on turning up the temperature without touching the thermostat. There’s a lot to share including advise from world-renowned romance and wine expert, Author Amy Reiley. Learn her scintillating secrets about wine and whoopie. Why is that Barnyard smell so sexy? Stay tuned and find out!

Valentine’s Day bring a higher $ ticket when it falls on a Saturday, and there are some special ways to celebrate the romantic holiday without spending lots of , enjoy this week’s very lighthearted and romantic-tips –filled edition of Grape Encounters Radio with Larry Gifford, hosted by David Wilson.

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