September 27, 2023

Episode #303 – The Truth About Vinegar, Trying Aging Wines and How Can They Make Impossibly Cheap Wines?

This week’s show sets the record straight on the subject of wine turning to vinegar with vinegar experts Cari and Craig Clark, owners of Chaparral Gardens Vinegars.  In the segment, David downs more than a dozen tastes of vinegar while getting the real skinny on vinegar from these artisan vinegar makers.

Next on “Sipping with Sara,” David and Sara Schneider, the Wine Editor of Sunset Magazine, test some very old wines recently gifted to Grape Encounters. They are joined by special guest Annie Wilson, and experiment using the Coravin Wine Access System to extract tastes of these old bottles through the cork without affecting the integrity (or not) of the wine inside the bottle. Lesson learned: if you are storing wine for long periods of time, don’t leave them in a closet in the desert. Also, David sneaks in a very informative account of the origins of Madeira.

Finally, in the Grape Encounters News segment. Larry Gifford tells all about the wildly popular “Two-Buck Chuck.” Curious how some much wine can be sold for so little? Find out on this edition of Grape Encounters Radio.

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