September 20, 2023

Episode #312 – These Awesome Greek Wines of Naoussa are No Myth!

Grape Encounters Radio Takes You to Ancient Greece for a Modern Twist on Wine.

Ever since David Wilson became the US Ambassador to the Wines of Naoussa Greece, he naturally has talked a lot about the often under-appreciated wines from this ancient region. But rather than just talk about it, this week, David takes you there.  Not only does he visit many of the wineries and winemakers that he’s been talking about for month, the story gets especially interesting given the fact that David arrived and toured the country at the height of Greece’s financial crisis.

How are the winemakers holding up through this enormous crisis? You’ll get a good sense of their optimism and good humor… an unexpected surprise for David, and a rare look at a booming wine region facing difficulties that are no fault of their own.

Tune in and learn more about wines that are probably off your radar. Better yet, let this show inspire you to help the Greek economy by becoming a visitor to this beautiful and ultra-friendly place.

This week it’s Naoussa.  Next week, it’s Porto Carras. What could have been a very downbeat show winds up being pure delight.  Don’t miss it!
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