September 22, 2023

Episode #322 – GrapeSeed: What if You Had some of the World’s Greatest Winemakers on Your Payroll?

If there’s one thing that is true about many or most great winemakers, it’s the fact that they generally always have more than one iron in the fire. In this edition of Grape Encounters Radio, wine marketing Guru Dave Trubilcock, co-founder of GrapeSeed Wine and Matt Smith, former head of Bordeaux Winemaking for Kendall Jackson, talk about the world-renowned winemakers they’ve assembled to create ultra-exclusive wines that you can’t beg, borrow or steal (but you can have the at your beg and call if you give a listen to this week’s show.

Dave and Matt are the driving force behind one of the most unique concepts ever introduced in the wine business. Listen in as David picks their brain and enlightens listeners about little-known brands that are both affordable and incredibly delicious. The show concludes with a little blind tasting prepared for Sunset Magazine Wine Editor Sara Schneider by David intended to educate you about a little-known winemaking process in Italy that is responsible for some truly spectacular wines. But can you afford them? Knowledge is BUYING POWER on this edition of Grape Encounters Radio!

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