September 27, 2023

Episode #377 – Grape Encounters Lends its Support to a REVOLT in the Wine World!

Introducing Revolt Wine Co. and their mission to inspire others through the power of music & wine.

What happens when a young couple from the Midwest moves across the country to chase their dreams? On this edition of Grape Encounters Radio, you’ll be introduced to Heather Hudson who, along with her husband Steve, recognized the synergy between music and wine. Theirs is a story of innovation and imagination set in an environment of fine, handcrafted wines accompanied by equally innovative and breakthrough music.

Heather loves to share how she and Steve put into action perhaps the most famous admonition of Henry David Thoreau, “Live the life you imagine.”

Heather and Steve Hudson of the REVOLT Wine Co.
Heather and Steve Hudson of the REVOLT Wine Co.

For Heather, the Revolt brand symbolizes casting aside anything holding you back.  To that end, the Hudsons encourage others to, “Express yourself.  Seize the moment.  Live on the edge.  Have no regrets.  Take time to enjoy the music.  Move forward in the direction of your dreams.  Live the life you’ve always imagined.”

Heather and Steve bottle and produce their wines in Napa but run their operation hundreds of miles south in San Diego, CA.  By design, Revolt Wines has no tasting room. Instead, they travel around the country throwing events and partnering with the music community. Heather says, “We work with a different band or artist each quarter and send a special hand-written, inspirational note from them in our wine club shipments that we send to fans across the country. It’s really powerful to be sipping on great wine and receive an inspirational note from your favorite band. It makes anything seem possible.”

If inspiration is contagious, then you’ll likely come down with a serious case of it, after listening to this edition of Grape Encounters Radio!

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